💸 Spend That Green 💸

🌱 In 2016, a bunch of world leaders got together and agreed we, as a species, need to limit our CO₂ emissions to prevent mass destruction of our planet.

🤔 What does this mean for your day to day? What about a month?

😬 Make life choices. Spend your carbon budget. Stay under your allotted monthly allowance.

Why do I have an allowance?

Think of this as your personal CO₂ emissions budget.

The Paris Climate Agreement established a long term goal of limiting the increase in global average temperature to 1.5 degree Celsious.

Spend That Green visualizes what this means for an American millennial by giving you a monthly CO₂ budget.

According to one source, 2.3 tons is the average human's annual personal carbon budget. Dividing this by 12 months in a year, we get a budget of 383.3 lbs of CO₂ per month.

100% remaining
Late night Mickey D's run
-10.7 lb CO₂
An avocado
-0.2 lb CO₂
A party cheeseboard for 2
-7.7 lb CO₂
Driving to Burning Man from SF
-137.4 lb CO₂
Roundtrip flight from SF to NY
-1190 lb CO₂
Megabus from SF to Coachella
-28.1 lb CO₂
A can of white claw
-0.4 lb CO₂
An Amazon Prime Package
-39.2 lb CO₂
A new Forever 21 shirt
-23.7 lb CO₂
Binging Game of Thrones Season 4
-70.4 lb CO₂
Days using A/C (coal energy)
-302.4 lb CO₂
Days using A/C (solar energy)
-16.8 lb CO₂
Days using A/C (wind energy)
-3.36 lb CO₂

Save That Green

Sources: Too many to fit so we made a spreadsheet
Inspired by Spend Bill Gates' Money by Neal Agarwal

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