Mother Earth

You are the Earth. Keep the humans alive.

Current Year
Total Population
7,440,000,000 (0.00 % carbon neutral)
Humans Left Behind
0 humans extingushed
CO2 emissions per year
36,456,000,000 metric tons
Total CO2 in atmosphere
3,237,480,000,000 metric tons (414 ppm)
CO2 left until the point of no return
1,170,000,000,000 metric tons (52.75% left)
> It is the year 2020. 7,440,000,000 humans exist and produce 36,456,000,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.


You are the Earth, doing your best to keep the humans alive. Humans are driven by external capitalist and industrialist influences—slave to the tragedy of the commons—as well as intrinsic motivations to conserve and live sustainably.

It is 2020, and a year passes once a second. If nothing changes, the point of no return (+2°C) will be reached in ~26 years.

Aa the Earth, your goals are:

  1. Maximize living humans.
  2. Reach carbon neutrality.

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